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Stop the world! I want to disembark!


Stop the world! I want to disembark.

After 20+ years of being “online” and connected to the rest of the world 24/7 I think that I have grown tired of the mighty internet. Partly my mind started wandering down this path because of the impending end of unlimited internet by my mobile phone provider. Most of my internet life is done through a mobile gadget. Some of this road was traveled because I saw one too many posts about the Kardashians. Still another section of this road was taken because Jesus, or some other crusade, dominates the highway. Some of the road was taken because there is always something broken, something new, or something invading my privacy.

I simply needed to face the fact I am a friggin junkie and move on with life.

Over the last few days I’ve come to realize that I will never be able to walk away from email or text messaging. These toys are deeply ingrained into my life, especially my working life. I can’t practically do away with them.

Mindless web surfing, though, serves no real purpose other than killing time. Most of the social networking stuff does nothing productive either. I have a tough time justifying the time spent on these activities.

Rather than frittering away my life and viewing the world through a screen I have decided to take drastic action.

I decided that if it doesn’t come to my email box then I probably don’t need to see it.

The hallowed phone is now as dumb as I can make it without opening it up and cutting wires. The battery saver is set to maximum, which cuts data connections when they aren’t used after a few minutes. Data is only sent and received when I am on wifi. The phone company’s data plan is not used. Pushes, fetches, and syncs are all set at the longest possible times rather than the shortest. Syncing with the Google servers is disabled. Background data is disabled. All the privacy settings are set to max. Any app that automagically connects to the internet has been removed. My web browser will not download images, cookies, or javascripts.

In short the phone is for phone calls and texting.

Even though, knowing me like I do, I will be back online in full force after I am done being grumpy email is the online only thing fully working.

I had the wild hair the other day of doing Twitter by SMS. This is the way Twitter was originally designed to work. I followed about 15 people, mostly local news and weather sources. This even proved to be too much noise. After about a day I turned it off too.

Quiet is a precious gift. It is generally free. It calms the nerves and relaxes the mind and body. We have become so accustomed to noise and the information bombardment that we can’t imagine life any differently.

After three or four days of being “off the grid” I do believe that I will begin using and being quiet more.

Who wants to go through life frazzled anyway?

West Texas Weather Update 5:45am


#westtx #weather update #pbskywarn

The weather at the moment in the SW part of the city of Midland is a drizzly mix of rain and sleet. The street doesn’t appear to be frozen over at this point.

Various Twitter feeds (@newswest9, @cbs7news, some individuals) are reporting icy roadways in Martin, Andrews and Midland counties.

At this time we have NO reports of road or school closings.

Jacob’s Ladder- Today’s #storytime

Ok boys and girls let’s go ahead and do storytime today, even tho Uncle Jim should really be working. Let’s hope the boss stays gone.

Today’s tale begins in far off Mesopotamia. Don’t worry about how to say that. We call it Iraq today and that is much easier to say

Now there lived a cowboy over there that went by the name of Abe. Now God told Abe to gather up his belongings and get outta Dodge.

Abe picked up his stuff and left. He had a couple of sons out west and they had children too. Now today we are gonna talk about his grandson

Now by the time of Jake’s birth the family had kinda forgotten about God and the crazy old man who saw visions and heard God’s voice

As a matter of fact the family had forgotten some of the basic rules of etiquette and Jake swindled his older brother out of his heirlooms

Jake’s brother was a mite upset about being wrangled of his inheritance & their dad decided that what was need was for Jake to get a woman.

So Dad told Jake to pack up and aim for the old family place in Iraq and to do it quick before brother whupped up on him

Jake saddled his camel, made a hasty getaway and rode for the whole day and then made camp for the night… How was that for an intro?

In his haste our hero forgot to pack a pillow in his saddle and that first night he had to sleep with his head on a rock on his way to Iraq.

he had some really wild dreams that night about a ladder going up to heaven and angels going every which way like bees in a honeycomb.

Then in the middle of the dream God promised the Jake would get everything that God promised to goofy old Abe. Something wild happened then

Jake consecrated the rock he used as a pillow and called it the Gate to Heaven and named the land round about the “House of God.”

And the really wild part is that this greedy, swindler Jake only wanted food and clothing and he promised to give a tenth of his coin away!

When God touched Jake his greedy heart became generous. Now what do we make of that, boys and girls?

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