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Millie is a pre-code movie starring Helen Twelvetrees. It is the story of a woman unlucky in love. She marries a man and has a daughter and then her husband cheats on her. After she gets a divorce she has many suitors and eventually gives her heart to one. He cheats on her, and then she falls into a ‘life of dissipation’ and eventually murders a former suitor of hers who is now after her daughter.

I really want to like this movie. It is a great story and has been a staple of TV murder shows for years but at one hour and 25 minutes this movie is about 15 minutes too long. This movie was made only about 1 1/2 year after the introduction of sound to film so it has a few scenes with corny dialogue delivered in a hamhanded manner. Too many scenes like this in fact. To add to the misery of this film way too much of it is in soft-focus which means one has to work to watch this film.

The .ogv file I downloaded from is in fair shape. A couple of scenes are way to dark and a huge chunk of the film is cloudy. I’ll attribute this to the degradation of the original film.

All in all I give the film 2.5/5 stars and the .ogv file a 3/5.


Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

#toppdflix I just finished “Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum.” LOVED IT! This movie brought back memories of my teen years when we first got cable tv and we would rush home from church on Sundays to watch Charlie Chan movies on WGN. If you have never seen a #CharlieChan movie (or book, or comic, or TV show) you are missing out. Chan is a Chinese detective who solves crimes with the kakhanded help of one of his sons. This particular movie was fun and had just the right amount of silliness and mystery to keep me very entertained. Chan and his “second son,” Jimmy, solve an intriguing locked room mystery. This movie can be downloaded from
archive[dot]org has a huge collection of Chan movies. A lot are marked CC-BY but are really #publicdomain because they were released without a proper copyright notice.

#toppdflix One Million B.C. is a #publicdomain treasure. Victor Mature and Carole Landis star in this 1940 movie about prehistoric cave people. I have to admit that I only started watching this movie to see the lovely Carole Landis running around in skimpy outfits but this is a dang good movie! It is part adventure story and part Romeo and Juliet. Both Mature and Landis perform well in this movie. A couple of scenes are a little cheesy but all in all this movie was a huge surprise for me. I give this one a serious 4 stars and highly recommend it! I think it is available from archive[dot]org

Broken Blossoms 1919

#toppdflix The First Lady of Cinema, Lillian #Gish, and Richard Bartlemiss star in DW Giffith’s #silentera gem "Broken Blossoms." I don’t give out many 5s to movies but this one is real close to a 5 in my book. The acting is superb and I consider it a must-see. Caveat: This movie is incredibly sad and deals with some very dark subjects like child abuse, poverty and inter-racial relations. I would not recommend allowing small children to watch it. The copy I retrieved from #^ is a very clear copy. This movie is motion picture gold. Image/photo

The Most Dangerous Game

#toppdflix The Most Dangerous Game is a pre-Hays Code adventure movie starring Faye Wray and Joel McCrae. I remember reading the short story this flick is based on when I was in school. It is the story of a shipwreck victim who finds himself stranded on an island where the island’s sole inhabitants hunts men. This is on archiveDOTorg


#toppdflix McClintock is a 1963 movie starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in a western retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. This movie has a sad history. It was released on the day that JFK was shot. When it came time to renew the copyright John Wayne had just died. The copyright extension was never applied for. This movie is in colour and is available on archiveDOTorg

La Ciociara/ Two Women

#toppdflix Last night I watched La Ciociara which garnered Sophia Loren a Best Actress Oscar. I have to admit that I failed to connect with this movie. Watching this movie was like reading a book that was written in one language and translated to another… the story is there but the soul was missing. I enjoyed some parts of this movie while other parts made me wonder why I was watching this thing at all. I must’ve missed something somewhere along the way. I downloaded the .ogv from archiveDOTorg

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