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Tag: senryu

haiku 96

Dripping not raining
The plink, plank, plunk on a can
Making me goofy

haiku 93

Today’s staff meeting
Coffee, burritos, gossip-

haiku 92

The poor at the church
Leave with sacks of charity
While I dump the trash

haiku 91

We found Atlantis
And much to our amazement
They eat tomatoes!

haiku 6

Kid's Swords

ready for battle
flight from reason to fancy-
a boy’s amusement

haiku 4

The wind noise ceases
Quiet settles all around-
The wife stops snoring

haiku 81

People not ready
Scurry to cars blocking wind-
Another cold front

haiku 79

Quiet appears now
No radios, people, cars-
Damn! The fan turns on

TV wastes the night
I read a book on Gandhi
Amazed at my stuff

Left late from the shop
Now forty-five minutes
Talking to myself

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