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Random Thought 8

I wonder what we will discover if we open our open our eyes and look.

Random Thought 7

We keep books so we can keep track of our money and squander our lives.

Which one is really more important?

Random Thought 6: Justifying our time (Rant)

When Saint Peter Plays back the tape of our lives¬† how surprised we will be to see how much of our lives was wasted on minutiae like television and web browsing. We are all griping about not having any time, but how does one not “have time?”

How many of us have ever tried to justify our time? It starts with making a simple accounting of where we were and what we did. Do any of us ever think about what we are doing or do we just do it?

Monks of several different religions pause several times a day and make a mental note of exactly where they are and what they are doing. No subjective adjectives in this procedure, just a simple and candid observation of the reality around them. If they are digging hole in the ground then they say to themselves that they are digging holes in the ground.

The first step in dealing with an alcoholic is admitting they are an alcoholic, that is facing reality. Perhaps the first step to spiritual growth is facing reality, period.

The Japanese have a small literary tradition of poetic diaries. These diaries are usually filled with poems about the courts of the Emperor or they are travel journals.¬† An interesting project might be to stop several times each day and write a haiku (or senryu) about what is going on, right now this very moment. Haiku are tight snapshots of life. This wouldn’t be hard to do.

Then after a month or so of doing this it might be interesting to go back and read this “Uta Nikki” and see where we really do spend our time.

Random Thought 5

Facebook and Twitter are full of comments about Obama’s speech tonight. I never really believed that anyone watched that nonsense. I am not watching it and I don’t feel even the tiniest bit guilty. Presidential speeches are boring and I don’t believe anything any politician says to me so why should I bother listening?

Random Thought 4

We need to elect a porn star as President. If we are going to keep on doing this to ourselves the very least we can do is make it fun to watch.

Random Thought 3

I wonder how much money governments would save if they turned off all streetlamps.

Random Thought 2

I wonder if the folks who still doubt the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate realise that John McCain was certainly not born in the United States. So anything, pro or con, they say about Obama also applies to McCain.

Random Thought 1

Neither a broom nor sawdust can move of their own volition. I would never pick up a broom unless sawdust was on the floor. Is sawdust actually in control of my mind?

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