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Taking the Lifeboat through the Dunes by Michael Ancher 1883


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#toppdflix One Million B.C. is a #publicdomain treasure. Victor Mature and Carole Landis star in this 1940 movie about prehistoric cave people. I have to admit that I only started watching this movie to see the lovely Carole Landis running around in skimpy outfits but this is a dang good movie! It is part adventure story and part Romeo and Juliet. Both Mature and Landis perform well in this movie. A couple of scenes are a little cheesy but all in all this movie was a huge surprise for me. I give this one a serious 4 stars and highly recommend it! I think it is available from archive[dot]org

Et in Arcadia ego

A rather strange painting painted by Nicholas Poussin in the late 1630s.

Et in Arcadia ego

A rather strange painting by Nicholas Poussin done in the late 1630s.

Another day…


Another day

I know that I have posted lots today and that most of it related to the snowpocalypse of today. One more quick post and a pic and i am done for today.

We set another record today. As of 6PM this evening this winter has produced a record 15.9″ of snow so far. I’m no fan of the snow but it is neat watching 65 year old records fall.

Work went well enough today. I made some progress on the project. If i can get to work and get there early enough i should be able to hit a good lick tomorrow.

Didn’t get any reading done today. The weather took precedence today. Even though i officially left Skywarn i guess it’s still in my blood.

Tonight’s pic is only here because i need some warm thoughts 😉

The picture is in the public domain.

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