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Perused some pics of Coats of Arms and Flags of nations today… This post is pics of various coats of arms from nations. Most of these nations are now defunct. Later on in the day I will clean up this post with proper tags and such but right now I am in a rush to get them somewhere where I can find them again without too much work.

Emperor of Manchukuo
Ottoman Empire
North Korea
Iroquois Confederacy
German Empire
Russian Empire
Republic of the Rio Grande
Sioux Nation
East Germany
Russian Empire
Khmer Republic
Navajo flag


I can’t help myself…

Here’s a public domain pic of the very first Bond Girl- Ursula Andress. She starred in Dr No which was released in 1962 and starred Sean Connery as Bond, Joseph Wiseman as Dr No and Ms Andress as a shell diver who sold shells in Miami. The part was to go to Julie Christie originally but the producers decided to go with Andress because Andress was more “voluptuous.” Her body was spray-tanned to give her the appearance of being from Jamaica and two different actresses dubbed the voice, one for speaking and the other for singing. This was not the best movie ever made but it sure is a fun one. After 50 years all the Bond movies still follow the formula laid down in this, the first, 007 picture.

The bikini she wore, and no doubt her looking good in it, caused a huge upsurge in the sales of two-piece bathing suits. Andress is quoted as saying the “bikini made me into a success. As a result of starring in Dr No as the first Bond girl I was given the freedom to take my pick of future roles and to become financially independent”

Underneath the mango tree indeed!

Not sure about folks in #Louisiana sometimes #pic

This was beside one of the stateline markers at the Louisiana-Texas border near Toledo Bend.

White House Briefing

Public Domain Picture of a White House Briefing regarding Egypt

Looking at this picture I am forced to wonder if the President ever shuts up.


A friend posted this picture on his site. I love this pic!

Public Domain engraving of Santos-Dumont's Airship rounding the Eiffel Tower 1918

When I was a kid I wanted to pilot airships. The dang Hindenberg blowing up 30 years before I was born kind of threw that out the window. I wrote many short stories as a kid either about airships or the story happening on them.


Marilyn Monroe



You may consider this inappropriate, I don’t know.

Marilyn Monroe was one of those people who had a unique beauty. It is shameful that most pictures of her show her as a celeb sex symbol and don’t really show her beauty.

I’m not sure that I can explain the difference. Maybe it’s a guy thing, I don’t know.

This picture come real close to showing the beauty of Marilyn over the sex appeal.

It is a cropped still from the trailer for the movie “Some Like It Hot.” The copyright for the trailer has expired and as such this picture is in the public domain.


Aztecs and Mayans…

Ok, so I guess that I am in a weird mood today. I have been scoping out public domain images of the Aztecs and Mayans.

I have no idea what all the Spanish says all around the picture, but I imagine the man in the picture is either griping because the tortillas are not ready yet or he is in a rather romantic mood. Even though these particular Aztecs lived long ago, I’m sure the rules of life were the same for them as they are for us… nothing turns on a man like a woman who cooks!

From a serious and studious standpoint- this picture is most interesting because of the plain-jane clothing they are wearing. Most pictures of the Aztecs show them wearing these really colourful clothes.

Ok this one is Mayan. Evidently the Mayans really had a chocolate fetish and this king or priest is telling the other guy to stay out of the chocolate. Judging from the look on the other guys face I’d say he has a sweet tooth.

I’ll tell you the truth, this one is weird. It looks like some god gored a turtle and a cat and is now goring a woman with a spear. And you think anime is graphic?!

All three images are from the public domain. They were found in the wikicommons site.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s call it a day…


Sun setting in the West Texas sky


Good night y’all.


Fifi, the only flying B-29 in the world.

An .ogg video of Fifi’s fly-by yesterday is at my tinyvid site.

Fifi taxiing on the runway


Guadalupe Peak at Sunset



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