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Join Diaspora

Just a quick blurb here- I found out this very evening about a group of young people who are attempting to create a social network that is open source and concerned about privacy issues.  Evidently this will all happen thru the use of nodes which the individual consumers own ie, if you join this project *you* and you alone will actually own and control your very own node in the system. No more relinquishing control of your privacy and identity over to Twitter or Facebook or whomever or joining networking site you don’t give a rip about.  If you want to find out about your friend Joe you will no longer need to join everything that Joe is a member of you can simply have your node talk to Joe’s node and find out what you Joe has been saying.

This is all still VERY early in developement but they are shooting for a release by the end of the summer. Give it all a read through at I anxiously wait to see what they come up with and how it will work.

I don’t need to ask for direction cuz I have a map now!

As I told y’all earlier there is always an alternative. For the past few days I have been perusing an alternative to the famed (and copyrighted) Googlemaps. It is called openstreetmap.

I am still in the early stages of this little research project but this may be something right up my alley. Openstreetmap consists of maps generally made by the public using their GPS units and time or of maps that are in the public domain. The goal is to map the world and give the maps out to the world under a CC-Attribution-Share Alike- license.

As I am studying this I am learning that I can contribute to the project with equipment that I already own. Sure I need to learn a few more programs on the computer and learn all the neat stuff that my GPS unit can do but that won’t be too much of a problem. Mapping the world ties in nicely with my love of the ham radio mode of APRS. Another neat thing is that the maps generated in the .osm format (the open format of openstreetmaps) can be used in my APRS client of choice, Xastir. At this point I am not too sure how to do it but I am going to give it a shot.

This may sound a touch vague and it may sound like the website doesn’t have many maps. The site went online with a huge number of public domain maps and users have contributed much more. The United States is pretty much covered with the TIGER maps that the Department of Commerce produces, for example.

The beauty part is that the are free to use. I am loving free culture!

Good Morning, Dave… this is HAL and I am owned by Microsoft.

Jim is a fan of open source. Today he received more proof of the superiority of some open source products.

He’s been trying to make his job paper-free with the aid of technology. He has drawn many projects with an open source CAD program and exporting his results as a .jpeg file. The .jpeg files were good but not as crisp as he wanted.

Today he exported a small plan as a .png file. .png is an open protocol and to his surprise it saves a crisp picture that is readable on the BlackBerry and that makes Jim incredibly happy.

Frankenstein’s monster
Perhaps wasn’t humanoid-
My computer speaks

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