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Yes it’s a puff piece…

…but I found it enjoyable.

Monarchy 1/4 – The King Who Saved The Crown – George VI and His Royal Destiny
by Paulo Carvalho on YouTube

Secrets of the Virgin Queen

Secrets of the Virgin Queen (the whole documentary)
by TheFramboise8 on YouTube


George VI



#^Why are the royals STILL hiding their German past?


Due to his blood ties, King George V held honorary ranks in the German military and was accordingly fitted with uniforms that have rarely been displayed.


The Duke of Bavaria

Allow me to introduce Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Herzog von Bayern The Duke of Bavaria and the current King of England, if you follow the Jacobite Succession.

In case of political upheaval…

Princess Grace of Monaco

The anniversary of her tragic 1982 death is this month. She was one of the prettiest and classiest women ever.

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