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A Different Life

#^A Different Way to Live

Outline for paper on cheap, self-sustainable life (this is a rough draft, please be patient) I am not a prepper or survivalist and while I do believe in taking care of our world I am not really what o…

The work is progressing, slowly but surely.

#off-the-grid #diy #minimalism


#^Living With Less


Two advocates of a minimalist lifestyle discuss what it means to them and how it has changed them as people.


I have reached a point in this project where stuff that I thought I wanted or needed a mere week ago just needs to go away. #minimalism #themdamnhippieshavetakenovermahmind

The phrase "want what you have" is constantly on my mind.#minimalism

Only two computers are in my possession now. One is a netbook and the other is a mobile phone. Eventually the phone will go away. #minimalism

Goodness gracious…

I just looked at my rss reader for the first time in several days.

6000 things for me to read. 6000!? That is way too much noise. This will be cut down a lot if not totally. Like I actually pay attention to that much stuff!

It takes a lot of money to keep Gandhi poor.

At one time I owned a tribute book about Mahatma Gandhi. You know, one of those books written shortly after the death of someone dearly beloved.

The author assaulted the reader with the usual onslaught of warm fuzzy feelings about the recently departed.

I remember the picture on the back of the book that showed every possession that Mr Gandhi owned. He had a bowl, some silverware, a pair of sandals, the spinning wheel, and a copy of the Bhagavad Gita.

Gandhi probably controlled more property than he owned but it amazes me that minimalism brought down the British Empire.

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