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To find freedom one must shuck their clothing and accept the breezes of circumstance in softer areas

Pete Seeger may die for your dirty sins but we all live for Barbie Benton!

I go by the monicker Cünsnutz Síflüscorêct. The more pedestrian may prefer the English translation of Algernon Whistleright. I, however, find that the English lacks a certain charm and style.

Several years ago the s00per seekrit Order Sînt Crisomileu (OSC) asked me to join their illustrious order to help protect the world from the evil cabal which runs things with a huge legion of rabid flying spider monkeys. Most people think that the cabal consists of bankers, Zuckerburg and the folks who make crappy movies.

My years with the SOC have shown me a much more terrifying truth…

Allow me to offer a nickel’s worth of free advice- “Never allow a leper to fall to pieces over you.”



15m is open to the west from here on #hamradio. A station in Alameda is trying for North Korea. #psk


The world has more to offer than the education world and dirty dishes. I want to live the adventure.


I will start planning for hiking trips to Guadalupe. Annual pass costs $20 and campsites $8 a night


A goal takes shape in my brain. I think that I want to hike up to Guadalupe Peak with my radio gear.


No one seems to live by email anymore. If we have 10 friends we have 10 various ways to contact them

Drabbles and now microdrabbles.

Hopefully, you noticed that for some time I have played with various short forms of writing. These forms include: drabble, haiku, gogyohka, microblogging, among others.

A drabble consists of exactly 100 words with up to 15 words for a title. Most microblogs allow 140 characters.

I like writing drabbles. I like the challenge of the constraint. So until I get bored with it, I will try to write my microblog with a 100 character limit as well.

No, writing a drabble blog and a limited microblog will not rock the literary world but it will provide some fun, I hope.

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