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Busy, busy, busy… working out of town today out in the armpit of the oil patch. Not doing much in the way of even thinking, just trying to get this job done.


Well I bombed this day.

I had planned to do all of my cyberstuff by email today. That didn’t work out at all. Maybe tomorrow.

I think I need to take all the apps that do internet stuff off of the phone again. I can do a huge portion of my stuff from email. I realize that email is not really the most secure mode but it is generally reliable and close to universal.

I mostly use CLI apps on the computer anyway. I don’t need all that flashy crap to have fun, even on the phone.

Rain rain rain rain on fools

Today I get to spend more money that I do not have on things that I really do not want. As I left work yesterday I discovered my front tire had two screws in it.

I tried to put on my spare but I discovered that it had dryrot so bad that I could stick my finger through the cracks.

I hate that it happened in Andrews. The tire company up there has messed me over several times. They’ve stolen from me and I swear they broke the Blazer and gave it that shimmy.

I think I can say fml?

At the grocery store

A Grocery Store

Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans Licensed CC-BY-SA

So the youngest and I went to the grocery store today for some provisions. The Mrs is ailing so we are kind of batching for the weekend.

He was in charge of the grocery list. I can’t go to the store without a list or I come back with all sorts of odd stuff. We got all the various medicines, lightbulbs and sundries that we needed.

“All we need now is burger, buns, and bread.” He said.

“That’s the story of my life son.” I said.

Random thoughts for your Thursday

All the travel plans for the holiday weekend have fallen through for one reason or another.

I can’t say that I’m disappointed. I’d really rather stay home and relax.


As I reflect on my life it dawns on me that I have only ever wanted to do one thing with my life- creative writing.

I have never really even dreamed about making money with creative writing. I just dreamed about creative writing.

The thing that’s scary to me is that I know this and yet I do so little writing.

Am I Kafka?


a sloth
does everything
a bird does
only the sloth
isn’t all jittery



Reaching a point in life where you start asking yourself why you continually do this-or-that and begin cutting services and people that waste your time is a little exciting.


I spend $3000 a year for minimalist cellphone services and internet.

I can make phone calls and get the internet for free.

I don’t make phone calls. If I need to call someone I can call from the internet. I have free wifi all over my neighbourhood.

Where is the logic in spending the money for these things?


I always thought that as I got older I’d begin to understand the world better.

Boy, I sure missed that one!


Probably shouldn’t admit this but I am really jazzed the Sela Ward is back on TV and will be on a show that I already actually watch!


If Kung Fu Panda is not on your “Top Ten Movies of All Time” list I will drop you from my friends list and have you picked-up by the cops as a danger to society.


I found out about a new female undergarment the other day. This device is something called a “butt popper.” Near as I can figure it is supposed to make the butt look bigger.

Hmm… Not really sure what to say…

First there’s fake boobs, now fake butts. What’s next, fake faces and fake orgasms?



Still here and still kicking folks. Just really busy.

Elmore Leonard EAT YER HEART OUT!

Ok boys and girls, I accidentally find myself in the middle of a nice little noir story with private dicks and long-legged damsels in distress wearing high heels and 38-packing roscoes! I never thought I’d really write a piece like this. I’m having a blast. And the girl… Ooolala 😉

This will end up around novella length and I am taking this piece very seriously so I may be a touch sporadic in posting to the blog. When I get this to a stage that is beyond the rough draft I may post some of it for your comments.

So here we are

So spending a month paring down all my internet activities has been fun. I think that I have figured out what all I want to do… Just not too sure how to go about it.

When I set up all the fun stuff, like email, youtube, picasa etc, I set them up with my callsign in my account names. Now I am thinking that was not the wisest choice that I could’ve made from a security viewpoint.

I also have different account names to all those sites. I am not too sure how it ended up that way but it did.

I have another account floating around out there and my account names are the same on all those accounts. I thought about moving my internet life over to that account but I have a BUNCH of files on the old account.

So I dunno…

I have cleaned out my Facebook of all the people that I really don’t know. It is pretty much all family and friends now, though there may be another round of cuts coming. I want to keep the number of FB contacts down so I can read and process what everyone is saying. I put FB back on my phone today.

All the feeds for this blog have disappeared too. Any hits that this blog receives will be ones that come here uncoerced.

The blog will just be me being me. I guess that is what it always was really. Now, though, I have no high and noble goals for it. If you need preaching or political nonsense there are millions of them out there. Nothing I could ever say would distinguish me from the herd. Therefore, this blog will be where my ranting is printed as well as my more creative stuff, even some stuff which may offend some of my friends.

So I guess that is where we are at the moment.

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