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Tag: kensington

#kensington seems to like #emacs. The little cpu monitor doohickey (that is a highly technical term) barely even registers that the cpu is even working.

Ok now I need to figure out how to change the theme on the #emacs on #kensington. This white crap is annoying.

Cheese provided no joy to #kensington or me. I downloaded guvcview. It worked with little to no tweaking on my part but I guess it is only for streaming video to somewhere. By the configuration tabs it looks like guvcview should be able to take snapshots but there is no indication on how to do this. The documentation that I found is crap. It doesn’t explain anything. Not all of us are professional geeks people! Still trolling the tubez for info.

And in the continuing adventures of #kensington the Lemote, which did not display my Red Matrix network in a web browser yesterday, show the Red Matrix network in a web browser today. #grr

Today is dedicated to #The Manhut! I am in there now. #kensington is on and playing the musopen collection via #moc and #ttytter is sending all the usual error messages. I am good to go.

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