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15m is open to the west from here on #hamradio. A station in Alameda is trying for North Korea. #psk


pskmail- email on the airwaves

Picture stolen from the website listed in post


Look at what I have found- pskmail. I do not know exactly what all it does but evidently I can use the ham radio rig to surf some sites on the web as well as send and receive email without the nonsense or expense of Winlink.


As my world mostly travels by email this could be a very useful tool for me to have in the toolbox! Admittedly, going out in the pasture and making a self sufficient cottage in the wilderness made me nervous. Now I just need to make sure I keep an HF rig and computer around.




Playing on to the radio

20 meters was a little noisy and weird acting this evening but I still made some good contacts and had one good ragchew this evening, all using PSK-31.

Contacts were made with a tanker ship near the Dominican Republic, Cuba and a few contacts in Ohio. Ohio must be the home of PSK-31 or something. I have made a bunch contacts in Ohio using PSK.

It’s nice to be back in radio mode!

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