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He who dies with the most toys wins?

I have a minimalist heart. My world has become so overgrown with stuff and nonsense that at times the desire to walk away from all of it and live in a cave occupies every thought that I have.

I read on many websites and blogs about people who try to pare down their “personal” possessions down to a mere 100 items. Even with my minimalist heart I take more stuff than that on a camping trip.

If I get to live the dream in the Big Bend area I will try to have less than 200 on the entire place.


searching for water

the cat prowls everything-

son not in bed yet

Sure he likes us but he comes home to see his teddy bear

He is 19 now. When he was a small baby we bought him this yellow teddy bear which he named Poogie.

We had to move him into a home to provide better care for him. Poogie went with him and was soon lost. His mother and I managed to raise a big enough fit that Poogie was found after a fairly extensive search and is now in our care.

About once a month he comes home. He digs Poogie out from his hiding place and they become constant companions for the weekend communicating by means of some magical autistic telepathy.

A world of silence
Dreams of father dashed to bits-
Miracles abound

I may be Irish but my thumbs ain’t green

When one looks at various pictures of West Texas it really staggers the imagination that people would try to grow anything here. Yet lots of folks drag out the gardening impedimentia every year and plant their tomatoes, okra and peppers.

The Mrs does it also. Last year’s garden, the first in the new house, was just a step above a waste of effort. The place were we planted I think may have been a carport in another life.

She did have success with lettuce and spinach though. So this year we built a raised garden and planted some leafy stuff.

Under Orion
Night comes, barbecue pits cool-
Cats look for sunbeams

Good Morning, Dave… this is HAL and I am owned by Microsoft.

Jim is a fan of open source. Today he received more proof of the superiority of some open source products.

He’s been trying to make his job paper-free with the aid of technology. He has drawn many projects with an open source CAD program and exporting his results as a .jpeg file. The .jpeg files were good but not as crisp as he wanted.

Today he exported a small plan as a .png file. .png is an open protocol and to his surprise it saves a crisp picture that is readable on the BlackBerry and that makes Jim incredibly happy.

Frankenstein’s monster
Perhaps wasn’t humanoid-
My computer speaks

Trees, trees everywhere are trees, blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind…

With all due respect to the doofus who said that he’d never see a poem as lovely as a tree, I don’t think that I like trees. God did not put big shade trees here in West Texas. In His infinite wisdom He wanted us to see the scenery.

Yet man in his wonderful adaptive mode has decided that God may have been wrong and has begun planting trees here. Outside these plants stand tall and pretty basking in the radiant sunlight. Underneath they have nothing more an ugly web of deceitful, spindly sticks drinking up all of our water.

tweeting, chattering

each perch needs exploration-

talks over coffee

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

Technically, Midland is not the desert. We receive around 15” of rain each year. A little to the west of here is the desert. Out there they receive less than ten inches each year, if that. The problem for West Texas is that most of the rain comes in a few storms that happen during the spring and fall.


This year Eddy County, New Mexico started off storm season with a severe thunderstorm which beat the town of Carlsbad with 2” hail and then tried real hard to blow the town away with 60 mile per hour winds.


watching the weather

winds, rain, hail and tornadoes

beckon Skywarn out

We feel good about this ecumenically. We even feel good about this grammatically.

West Texas has a wide range of religious diversity. In the area a seeker will find just about every franchise of Christianity, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and secularists.

One largely unheard of group in the area is those who study the Hebraic roots of Christianity. The beliefs of this group are hard to pin down. As a general rule, though, all these Messianic groups believe their spiritual lives benefit by studying the Jewish influences on Christianity.

The television network which teaches Hebraic roots, God’s Learning Channel, is based here. This may be why every town has a congregation or group.


Sign on the building

Fighting the wind with groanings

Sounds like a church bell

If I kill off the weeds my yard won’t be green anymore!

My yard is covered in Henbit and it is blooming already. If this plant were bigger it might be a pretty plant to grow purposely. They grow only about 3″ tall and have a pretty purple flower on the top. It has dark green leaves shaped like a star burst.

Henbit is not native to West Texas. I am told that it originates from Eurasia and that it came to the US as seeds on the colonists’ luggage. It is an incredibly hardy plant and it grows just about anywhere in the world.

Most folks would just call it a weed.


storm season begins

grey skies and overnight rains-

In West Texas blooms!

In my Lifeboat scenario I say throw the pumpjack overboard

Water is a rare thing in the desert. Good water is even rarer. West Texas towns pipe their water in from lakes hundreds of miles away. Folks who reside out in the rural areas have water wells. I have heard that in Florida one only needs to dig a few feet until one hits the water table. My in-laws had to drill down 600′ just to find water and then another 400′ until they found good water.

Shafter Lake is an alkali bed in western Andrews County which occasionally fills up with water. Only a few pumpjacks live there.

roads on the water

quench our thirst by fueling cars-

Shafter Lake

haiku 108

Paying care to
Every curve, bump and groan-
Driving in the fog

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