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!freedombox may be dead in the water :(

So, I did some hardware work on the desktop which was to become the Mighty-Family-Web-Server yesterday only to discover that I don’t have enough spare parts around here to fix it. That computer may go in the spare parts pile as well.

When I announced this to the world yesterday on the microblog my friend, handheldcar, told me that he would be running some services from his usual desktop. I thought it was a neat idea so I got to work setting things up. I loaded thttpd on the Manhut computer and got to fiddling around with the settings. I actually had it working!


I was using tor, the anonymity network. All anyone from the outside saw was a page from the German Privacy Foundation saying that the found a “tor exit router.” Not good, as I actually had an html index page of sorts there.

After a couple of hours of messing with that to no avail I took tor off of the computer and got back to webserver work.

People from outside could get a little closer to my server… They could get as far as my wireless modem. That is where I am stuck at the moment…

In a while I will fiddle with the port settings and such to see if I can get it to work.

Maybe Daddy has a new project

This guy took an old satellite dish did some homebrewing, hooked it up to the same router I am using and connected to an access point 125miles away

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The Freedom Box is taking shape!

I think that I spoke of this a few days ago. Beside the life issues that I am facing the Freedom Box has consumed my little pea brain.

Today I acquired a computer that will be converted to be a web server so that I can begin to play.

What I want in a nutshell is all of my stuff on one server in one location that I control. So what I want is a server with:

  • an SIP server and PBX. Asterisk will fit the bill to a point on this. This is voice over internet protocol stuff for those that may not understand the jargon. To make it even simpler let’s call it FREE TELEPHONE CALLS.
  • an email server. If you write an email to <doofus> I want it to come to my personal server and use gpg encryption
  • my very own personal wordpress instance. Instead of this blog being hosted at it will be on the server at
  • my very own instance. This is a Twitter-like microblog that I like about a bajillion times more than twitter, which is a lameo service for spammers
  • the server to be covered by  tor. This is an anonymizer, sort of. It is a little more than that.
  • I  am toying with the idea of using gnunet also. This is a p2p file sharing network.

As part of a broader strategy this project will reflect my desire for the destruction of the internet, which is a huge centralised, monolithic, hierarchal monster created mostly by the government and now sponsored by big business. I want to see a decentralised group of peers sharing bandwidth in a non-hierarchal, non-commercial manner to create a network of peers.

All of that is not to say that goodies like google or youtube will not be available- they will still have their servers online after all- they will just have the same clout as the rest of us because they will be peers not centralised servers at the top of the food chain.

Believe me, I know that is a big goal that may not come true but I do believe there are enough people out there to make this a working reality even though it may not become a dominate reality.

In addition to this and hopefully with the aid of my neighbours and friends I think having a wireless mesh network in my quarter of town would be a neat facet to add into this project. All this really entails is creating an ad hoc assemblage of wireless routers with an internet gateway at one end. If we could get folks to chip in their wireless routers, chip in a few coins into the coffers of whoever has an internet connection and do some clever work with radio antennas we can conceivable have a few thousand people connected to the internet through one isp account that is community property. This, though in line with my ethics and morals, is not really a priority at this time.

My goals for this project are for it to be a free software project. The server and all of the software I am looking at are free software. This is free as in free speech not as in free beer. The goal here is freedom and the protection to my right to privacy.

The pda I am using right at the moment for phone calls and such is a Windows CE pda. Not exactly free. My hope is to get a small netbook like Free Software founder Richard Stallman uses. Not only is this free software but it is also open hardware. There ain’t a thing on this computer that is proprietary!

If I can make that netbook run wireless, which can be a problem with free software, I can do everything the freedom way from any location and tunnel into my own server to do most of what I normally do online from the safety of my secured and encrypted server.

A friend called me a pioneer of the citizenet today. I like that. A network of computer users. A network of citizens not businesses with big servers.

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