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and behold the road runs on

I sit in reflection tonight pondering paths of spirituality. Years have taught me that the simple path often proves the hardest to do.

Yet here I sit embarking on a seemingly simple path of applying both zen and poetry to my spiritual walk.

The simple beauty of a well crafted haiku, gogyohka or a minimalist life bring an overwhelming awe and sense of peace to me. I want this peace in all of my life.

The path I chose will have many ups and down but I value peace. My heart craves for it like young lovers crave their partners.

Somebody call a Doctor, I think I’m coming down with Christmas!

We went to the craft store to purchase some items The Mrs needed for her special needs student.

While The Mrs looked for the items she needed I wandered around the place. I found a snow globe. Snow globes don’t interest me very much but this one caught my eye.

A few trees dotted the background behind a Victorian family of four carrying a load of presents presumably on their way somewhere. The snowflakes glistened in multicolour around them while the musicbox cranked out “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”

The snowglobe scene flooded me with warm-fuzzy feelings of nostalgia.


To find freedom one must shuck their clothing and accept the breezes of circumstance in softer areas

Pete Seeger may die for your dirty sins but we all live for Barbie Benton!

I go by the monicker Cünsnutz Síflüscorêct. The more pedestrian may prefer the English translation of Algernon Whistleright. I, however, find that the English lacks a certain charm and style.

Several years ago the s00per seekrit Order Sînt Crisomileu (OSC) asked me to join their illustrious order to help protect the world from the evil cabal which runs things with a huge legion of rabid flying spider monkeys. Most people think that the cabal consists of bankers, Zuckerburg and the folks who make crappy movies.

My years with the SOC have shown me a much more terrifying truth…

Allow me to offer a nickel’s worth of free advice- “Never allow a leper to fall to pieces over you.”

It takes a lot of money to keep Gandhi poor.

At one time I owned a tribute book about Mahatma Gandhi. You know, one of those books written shortly after the death of someone dearly beloved.

The author assaulted the reader with the usual onslaught of warm fuzzy feelings about the recently departed.

I remember the picture on the back of the book that showed every possession that Mr Gandhi owned. He had a bowl, some silverware, a pair of sandals, the spinning wheel, and a copy of the Bhagavad Gita.

Gandhi probably controlled more property than he owned but it amazes me that minimalism brought down the British Empire.

Why can’t barbershops be like they are in the movies?

Sitting in a barbershop bores the life out of me. Growing up my mother cut my hair. As a result of this I never saw the inside of a barbershop until adulthood.

The etiquette of barbershops elude me. One time we go and all the older folks cut up and carryon like teenagers. The next time that shop takes on the demeanor of a mortuary.

I try not to go to the barbershop very often. We go as a herd and we drop a chunk of coin when we go.

All in all I think I’d rather shave my head.

Libraries- they’re not just for books anymore.

Can you name the last time that you went to the library? I go every five days and I went last night.

Most of the books that I read I can get online with little problem. I mainly read books in the public domain and stated bluntly, my local library can not compete with

I mainly go to the library for videos. We do not have cable tv so sometimes the handful of channels that we get bore us silly. TV, both cable and non cable, has become a barren wastland, the library provides us with a free escape.

Maybe more email solves the issue

I bet 90% or more of my web time gets spent on email or three sites. I look at my blog, microblog and I believe that The Almighty himself gave to the cyber world. I do have a small, very small, collection of other sites that I look at outside of those three.

I don’t myspace or youtube or ebay or facebook. My computers don’t even have flash and I usually keep javascripts turned off.

Quiet. I don’t like blinking lights and annoying tones. I like my quiet internet experience.

Now if I could make it a little simpler…

Planning on going to Guadalupe soon!


Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Someday real soon I'll be here...


Guadalupe Mountains National Park resides fairly close to my home. Texas only has two national parks and they both live in West Texas.

I have driven by Guadalupe a couple of times in my life but I have never stopped there. The pictures of it on the internet intrigue me and I have a real thirst to go.

Guadalupe has eighty miles of hiking trails, among them the trail up to Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas. I plan on doing that one with some ham radio friends this spring.

Hopefully The Mrs will join me for the prelims.

Rain rain rain rain on fools

Today I get to spend more money that I do not have on things that I really do not want. As I left work yesterday I discovered my front tire had two screws in it.

I tried to put on my spare but I discovered that it had dryrot so bad that I could stick my finger through the cracks.

I hate that it happened in Andrews. The tire company up there has messed me over several times. They’ve stolen from me and I swear they broke the Blazer and gave it that shimmy.

I think I can say fml?

Sexiness in 1952 and 2009… I wonder which is better…

Today’s thoughts ran towards generational attitudes about sex and sexuality. Both ladies did a civic service by entertaining the troops. Marilyn, on the left, performed for Korean War troops and the Redskins’ Cheerleader on the right recently performed for troops in Iraq.

I understand that Marilyn represented the highest sexual ideal of that generation. I won’t say the cheerleader represents our generation’s highest ideal of sexuality but I find the comparison between the two interesting. One has a touch of class and the other a touch of trash.

Has sexual liberation benefitted women or objectified them more?


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