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White House Briefing

Public Domain Picture of a White House Briefing regarding Egypt

Looking at this picture I am forced to wonder if the President ever shuts up.

Obama’s Remarks on Situation in Egypt

Offered without comment.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
January 28, 2011

Remarks by the President on the Situation in Egypt

State Dining Room

6:33 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Good evening, everybody.  My administration has been closely monitoring the situation in Egypt, and I know that we will be learning more tomorrow when day breaks.  As the situation continues to unfold, our first concern is preventing injury or loss of life.  So I want to be very clear in calling upon the Egyptian authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protestors.

The people of Egypt have rights that are universal.  That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny.  These are human rights.  And the United States will stand up for them everywhere.

I also call upon the Egyptian government to reverse the actions that they’ve taken to interfere with access to the Internet, to cell phone service and to social networks that do so much to connect people in the 21st century.

At the same time, those protesting in the streets have a responsibility to express themselves peacefully.  Violence and destruction will not lead to the reforms that they seek.

Now, going forward, this moment of volatility has to be turned into a moment of promise.  The United States has a close partnership with Egypt and we’ve cooperated on many issues, including working together to advance a more peaceful region.  But we’ve also been clear that there must be reform — political, social, and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people.

In the absence of these reforms, grievances have built up over time.  When President Mubarak addressed the Egyptian people tonight, he pledged a better democracy and greater economic opportunity.  I just spoke to him after his speech and I told him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise.

Violence will not address the grievances of the Egyptian people.  And suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.  What’s needed right now are concrete steps that advance the rights of the Egyptian people:  a meaningful dialogue between the government and its citizens, and a path of political change that leads to a future of greater freedom and greater opportunity and justice for the Egyptian people.

Now, ultimately the future of Egypt will be determined by the Egyptian people.  And I believe that the Egyptian people want the same things that we all want — a better life for ourselves and our children, and a government that is fair and just and responsive.  Put simply, the Egyptian people want a future that befits the heirs to a great and ancient civilization.

The United States always will be a partner in pursuit of that future.  And we are committed to working with the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people — all quarters — to achieve it.

Around the world governments have an obligation to respond to their citizens.  That’s true here in the United States; that’s true in Asia; it is true in Europe; it is true in Africa; and it’s certainly true in the Arab world, where a new generation of citizens has the right to be heard.

When I was in Cairo, shortly after I was elected President, I said that all governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion.  That is the single standard by which the people of Egypt will achieve the future they deserve.

Surely there will be difficult days to come.  But the United States will continue to stand up for the rights of the Egyptian people and work with their government in pursuit of a future that is more just, more free, and more hopeful.

Thank you very much.

END                               6:38 P.M. EST

State of the Union fun.

The other day the President decided to waste an hour of the world’s time and preempt my favourite TV shows with his hour long State of the Union message.

Presidential speeches are in the public domain so I decided to have a little fun with it. I took the text of the speech and translated it into Spanish. Then I took that and translated it into Albanian and then that into Greek, Chinese, Hebrew, Afrikaans and then back into English.

Here is the result.

As the original source is public domain it seems only fitting I put this into the public domain as well. I give up all my rights to this.



z, president, vice president, members of Congress, distinguished guests, members of other citizens;

Tonight I want the men and the 112th Congress and new president to congratulate women build. As we mark this moment, we understand that the empty chair of the House, and colleagues and friends rap Gifford prayer for health.

It’s no secret that we here tonight, but we have differences of the past two years. Controversial debate, we recommend to fight for our beliefs. And a good thing. It should be a strong democracy. Is our position to help as a state.

But there is reason for the tragedy in Tucson to give us a break. In all the noise and passion, the anger of our public discourse, Tu SENTI reminds us, no matter who we are where we come from any part of the party or political preferences as important.

We are part of the family. We believe that in a country where all races and religions, and found that the first point, we are still united as a people, we share the same hope and believe that the dream of girls in Tucson is no different than any of our children deserve the opportunity to be happy.

Now, by himself, Bill is not a new cooperative era. What is the time between it in our hands. Anything from the fact that we sit together to decide tonight is the time, but if we work together tomorrow.

I think we can do. I think it should. This is what we expected for us. With their votes, they found that the state will be a shared responsibility. The new law, occurred only in support of the Democratic and the Republican Party. Let us move forward together, or all of the challenges we face than other parts, rather than politics.

This is a game that the next general election, after all, only choice will win. The immediate crisis new jobs to participate in the country of origin or elsewhere. It’s hard work and the industry of our people rewarding. It is whether we can stay ahead of the United States has become not just a place on the map, but in light of the world.

We are ready. Two years later, most of us know that the worst recession, the stock market returned. Company profits rise. Economic growth again.

But we did not measure the progress of these standards. We measure the progress of our people’s success. Equity is the quality of life in jobs. Small business owner with a thriving business point of view is a good idea to dream. Opportunities for our children a better life.

Work of the American people want to work. Together.

We in December. Thank you for your tax cut passed, and today Americans pay a little old. Any company can reduce the total cost of new investments made this year. These measures, by the Democrats and Republicans, to the more established last year, the economic development of the private sector to bring more than one million jobs.

But we have much work to do. Steps we have taken the past two years the backbone of this decline was broken, but the future, we must accept the challenge to do for decades.

Many people look tonight, maybe you can remember, time is a good job nearby factory or shopping center to show the place. Not everything should have a title, and subject to limited competition among neighboring countries. If you work hard, you may need to work on life, with good wages, good benefits and promotion from time to time. You can be proud of their children to see the same company.

The world has changed. For many people, change is painful. I have the window closed factories and stores only the main street to see empty flourish once occupied. I heard that the Americans the disappearance of their wages or have seen working men and women with pride rules like the feeling of frustration in the game have changed.

They are right. Change the rules. Only one generation, the technology revolution is changing the way we live, work and do business. Steel only 1,000 people can now do the same job as 100. Today, almost any company can create a product, hire employees to produce a internet connection to sell.

Meanwhile, countries like China and India understand that some changes may compete in this new world. He began to educate their children more attention to early math and science. It is investing in research and new technology. Recently, China has the largest private operator in solar research and the world’s fastest computer at home.

So, yes, the world has changed. Competition for the right job. This should not prevent us. It should be like a challenge. Remember, all we have all the pessimists in the past year, the success of our fall, the U.S. economy is even greater, more prosperous world. Employees from our ñ productivity. No country is more of the most successful companies awarded patents and inventors and entrepreneurs. We are the world’s best universities, most students learn in any other country on the university home country.

Moreover, our country is the idea the first time, every person has the opportunity to our idea of fate and set to form. That is why all ages for the pioneer immigrants risked everything here. For this reason we get students not just the formula to remember, but like “How do you see the world change your mind thinking about what you want to do when you grow up,” the answer

The future is ours forever. But, we can not stand. As Robert Kennedy said: “The future is not a gift, a performance ..” To ensure that the American dream is right time to stand, he asked each generation to sacrifice and struggle to meet new times. .

Now it’s our turn. We know how to fight for jobs in industries of our time. It should be innovation, education and the construction of the world. We can America best place on earth to do business. We must take responsibility for our deficit, our national reform, too. The welfare of our people. What will win the future. Tonight I want to talk about how to get there.

The first step in the future win, U.S. to encourage innovation.

None of us can safely predict the future, the main industry, or when new countries. Thirty years ago, you may not know, read the Internet will lead to economic revolution. We need the U.S. to more than anyone else does is stimulate the creativity and imagination of our people. We help the car on the computers in the office, the state’s Edison and the Wright Brothers, Google and Facebook in the United States. Innovation is not limited to changes in our lives. This is our life.

Our free enterprise system is the driving force of innovation. However, not always a profitable investment venture, basic research in the history of the edge of our government researchers and innovators and support they need. It is planting seeds of the Internet. This is to help make things possible, such as computer chips, global positioning systems.

Imagine all the good work, manufacturing and retail development occurred.

Half a century ago when the Soviet Union beat the satellites in space we do not have any Earth satellite called man-made, they took the idea of the moon. Science is not there. NASA is not available. However, research, education and improving not only the Soviet Union, which sparked a wave of innovation, creating new industries, millions of new job opportunities for investment.

This is our generation as a satellite. Two years ago, told me that they have the level of research and development not seen since the height of the space race meet. Within weeks, I will send to Congress a budget to help us to this goal. We invest in biomedical research, information technology, especially investment in clean energy technologies that will strengthen our security, protect our planet and to the public many new jobs creation.

We have the commitment to renewable energy. Robert Gary Allen’s brother who works in Michigan, the company that the cabin. After 11 September, offers the best roofing work to help repair the Pentagon. But half of idle factories, the recession hit.

Today, with government loans, which empties Sunday roof, the land was sold to help produce ceramic tiles. Robert’s words, “we should find out.”

This is more than two years Americans do themselves. As Allen and promoting more successful brother stories, we have energy policy redesign. We do not give money. We issued a challenge. We say that a group of scientists and engineers from the United States in the form, as the most difficult issues and priorities in their field, the best thinkers, clean energy, the Apollo program of our time support.

California Institute of Technology develops way to convert sunlight into fuel for vehicles and water. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, using the supercomputer to get more power from nuclear facilities in the United States. As more and more incentives for research, our oil dependence on biofuels to break, and became the first state-owned road, millions of electric vehicles by 2015.

You need to get behind this innovation. To help pay, I ask the Congress of the taxpayers, that oil companies have billions of dollars off. I do not know if you noticed, but it very well myself. So, instead of grants yesterday, which will convene in the morning.

Now will progress in clean energy resulting in net position of strength if the company knows what you are selling in the market. So tonight, I ask you to join me a new goal to set. For 2035, 80% of the electricity in the U.S. clean energy sources, some people think wind and solar Others want nuclear power, clean coal and natural gas to achieve this goal .. We must, I read all the Democrats and Republicans to work together to do it.

To maintain our leading position in research and technology is critical to the success of the United States. However, if we win the future, if we want innovation and creativity in the United States and abroad, so we play and our children’s education to win.

Think about it. Next decade, nearly half of new jobs require education beyond high school education. It was not until a quarter of the students did not even finish high school. Our quality of education in math and science lags behind other countries. Young people in the United States dropped to 9 degrees with a university degree relative. So the question is whether we as citizens and parents are willing to do whatever it takes to make each child the chance of success.

This warranty does not start in our classrooms and our homes and communities. This is the home of the first love for children to learn to make. Only parents can ensure that the TV is off and the work was completed. We must educate our children not only the Super Bowl, and it’s worth four, but winning the right to science, success is a function of public relations or reputation, but hard work and discipline.

Our schools can share this responsibility. When a child enters the classroom should be a great place where expectations and performance. There are many schools are able to meet these demands. That’s why, instead of investing in does not work and earn money, we started a game called “50 States, before the game, he said.” If you are the most innovative solutions to the quality appearance of the teachers and students to improve, we present the first. ”

The race to the top of our generation is the most important reform in public schools. What kind of education than is spent each year more than 40 countries the percentage of teaching and raise standards. These guidelines were developed, not by Washington but Republican and Democratic governors across the country. And a sure way to the top this year should continue as a child after the law was more flexible, our kids focus on what remains the best alternative.

You see, we know our children, when the task of reform is not just up and down, but local teachers and principals, school boards and community work.

Bruce Randolph School in Denver, too. Three years ago, Colorado in the United States has the worst grass between two rival gangs in schools. But in May last year, 97% of the elderly to get their diploma. Most at home for the first time. Call school, which was allowed to rotate, a student said of the director’s first year of tears: “Thank you, water we are smart, can do.”

Remember also, through their parents or a person from the front of the class, the biggest impact on the success of women and children. In Korea, teachers with the name “builders of the country.” United States, it is time to deal with the same level of education of people about our children. We want to reward outstanding teachers, and stop the worst of reasons. Next decade, “baby boom” retirement lot in class, we have 10000000 science, technology, engineering and mathematics new teachers to prepare.

In fact, everyone who heard it tonight at the thought of a little of career choices: if you want a life in our country to change if you want to make a child’s life be different, be a teacher. Your country needs you.

Of course, training does not end with a high school diploma.

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