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What’s for dinner?


The Well-Stocked Kitchen – Joachim Beukelaer (1566)

Taking the Lifeboat through the Dunes by Michael Ancher 1883


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Philanthropists 1874


Painting by Vladimir Markovsky in 1874. A graphic representation of the depravity of poverty and the arrogance of wealth.

Vittoria Colonna c.1540


I posted a drawing that was done for one Vittoria Colonna earlier. She was a friend of Michaelangelo and he sketched this picture of her around 1540.


The Death of Germanicus 1628

Another painting by Nicholas Poussin.

Et in Arcadia ego

A rather strange painting painted by Nicholas Poussin in the late 1630s.

Et in Arcadia ego

A rather strange painting by Nicholas Poussin done in the late 1630s.

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