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Excuse me, waiter, but Table 4 ordered the winter weather.

I have to admit that I wish winter would hurry up and get here. Normally, I try not complain about the weather but in October the temperatures hover in the 90s for highs. Luckily the morning lows have fallen to a rather brisk 55.


In a month we will complain of frost on the windshield when we get get up in the morning. At least I won’t get sunburned though.


Evidently, by the picture above, one can get a very nice tan in the cold.


Fifi, the only flying B-29 in the world.

An .ogg video of Fifi’s fly-by yesterday is at my tinyvid site.

Fifi taxiing on the runway


Some fool is riding on the wings here! #phonepic #airshow

Photo Copyright James Morgan Licensed CC-BY-SA

As near as I can figure… #phonepic #airshow

Somewhere in the Pacific about halfway thru WW2 American Airlines dropped a big bomb.

Photo Copyright James Morgan Licensed CC-BY-SA

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