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It’s been a while #6goodthings

Yes, I know that I have fallen off of the wagon here lately. Just like everyone else I get busy and tired. After a rough go of it this morning I decided to return to a more positive line of thought.

1. Went to church yesterday. The world didn’t end because of it. Actually had a good time and had my eyes opened on a point or two.

2. The Boiz and I made it to Possum Kingdom and back on Saturday. The trip was pretty well uneventful but I did see the coolest courthouse in Albany.

3. Got some good news today about a visitor coming to town the middle of next month.

4. Over the last few days I have learned some stuff about the Yaesu radio that makes it a little more usuable for me. Even checked into a net or two last week.

5. A friend gave me an old computer. I think this on has Windoze XP on it. I may keep this one XP and hook my Echolink station back up.

6. Today was only an 8 hour day. It really was too hot to be working.

A fun filled weekend #6goodthings

I am pooped but too dang pooped to actually get any rest, if that makes any sense at all.

Son#3 is a high school graduate now. He is also a little under the weather.

Both The Mrs’ family and mine gathered at our house and a had desserts and a most excellent time hanging out for several hours. It was a lot of fun.

Today was a lazy day. It probably shouldn’t have been. I was going to finish some paperwork that didn’t get done at work because I was goofing off.

The Mrs and I went put to breakfast and drove around tjis morning. We were trying to think of something to do but we’re both too tired to actually do anything. I really enjoyed her company today.

The Mutiny on the Bounty is probably going to be my next big research project. I’ve found Bligh’s log online as well as two books by Bligh on the fateful voyage. I have also found several other resources to read.

A real good friend stopped by for a few minutes last night. It has been a while since I’ve seen him. He seems to be doing well.

After having Skype for several years I finally had a longish conversation on it tonight. That is a neat toy. I think I may try to use that more often.

OOPS, I almost forgot today’s #6goodthings

1. Found John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible and got a copy of it downloaded into my repository of public domain works. I also finally downloaded a copy of the complete New English Dictionary based upon Historical Principles. This is the first Oxford English Dictionary and it is also public domain.

2. I didn’t get much work done today but I had a good time not doing it.

3. I forgot to take the anxiety med this morning and had a crushing headache all day. I guess the meds are working.

4. Learned a few things about the Rough Riders today from sources other than the Roosevelt book. These guys were something!

5. I acquired some tickets to the Rockhounds game on the 19th.

6. We got the tickets to Son#3’s graduation on Saturday. It is almost over!

Today’s #6goodthings

1. I am feeling a little better today. I still have nasty coughing fits but my body feels ok.

2. I had some good chats with family and friends today, maybe I should have been working but oh well.

3. The west coast branch of the Morgans have all been added to the new Facebook account and they all accepted.

4. Got some more reading done in The Rough Riders.

5. Was alone for the better part of the day at the shoppe.

6. And I am watching something different on TV than our usual fare

Under the weather #6goodthings

I am not feeling very well so let me shoot this out right quick and go to bed.

1. I finished most of the current project at work.

2. Got some reading in the Rough Riders done.

3. Cleaned out some junk off the phone.

4. I think Son#3 will actually graduate on Saturday.

5. Kids cooked a nice chicken fried steak meal

6. I am going to bed early.

Let’s bugaloo until we puke #6goodthings

A little early this evening but what can I say? It was decent day.

1. The roofer is going to get his money so he will be getting started soon.

2. The Mrs work travails might be abated next year. Looks like some things are changing.

3. played the Hair Band channel on xm radio. Took a nostalgic trip down memory lane remembering how Kevin would make mix-tapes of this music and drive around town listening to them. I bet we are responsible for the current price of gas as much as we drove around.

4. The Boss and I had a meeting about the schedule. We are in a pickle and we are not sure how to get out of it. I managed to keep up with him today and not get all freaked out. Usually meetings like this are unpleasant.

5. This was The Mrs’ last day at work. She’s on summer vacation!

6. When I got home this evening The Mrs had Star Trek: Enterprise on the TV. I wonder what she’s up to…. 🙂

Does everybody know what time it is? #6goodthings

Today was a pretty nice day. I enjoyed myself.

1. Everybody left the shop, leaving me alone in the shop so that I could get stuff done today.

2. The Boss’ 2-day-old iPhone died. Now before you think I fell off of the positivity train I have always felt bad that I could never afford to get one. After all the trouble The Boss and his wife have had with their’s I am glad that I don’t have one.

3. The winds blew away all that choking smoke that was in Andrews yesterday. It is wild that all that smoke is from a fire in Arizona.

4. The Mrs is feeling much better today.

5. The Mrs and I went out for an early date night this week.

6. I think that I have settled my social media madness and it all works from email/sms so I have no need for apps.

Howdy doody folks #6goodthings

Afraid today was rather chaotic. I had trouble focusing and The Mrs is not feeling well at all.

1. The plans are updated and they almost make sense.

2. Ate some of those par-baked tortillas tonight. They were good.

3. Have discovered that Modern Family is a little on the dumb side.

4. I remembered to send the roofer the info that he needed.

5. I think the vitamins might be breaking down and working their way into my system.

6. I may be coming closer to a decision on what to keep and what to dismiss social-wise.

#6goodthings Random Thoughts

For several days now I have been posting six good things that happened in that day. The #6goodthings tag has elicited some positive feedback.

My reasons for posting this are mainly personal. I have a habit of becoming very anxious over even the slightest thing. When these moods strike I begin to feel the world closing in on me. This habit has taken it’s toll on me.

The TV shows and I like to watch are adventure/mystery type shows. I watch the news at night. I follow several people/organisations on social media. I have hundreds of people telling me the world sucks and is all wrong but very few who can come up with one thing that is right. The entertainment industry reinforces this by giving nothing but mayhem and destruction to watch.

Changes in my habits are taking place. The TV gets turned off a little more often now. The gloom-and-doom crowd are not followed in the social media any longer. And, most importantly, I try to focus my attention on the good stuff and not so much on the bad.

Maybe I am full of crap but I’d rather be a man of positivity than a mindless buffoon tripping from one tragedy to the next. Life really isn’t that hard to figure out. All one needs to do is take care of what needs to be taken care of when it needs to be taken care of and try to enjoy the good stuff that is all around us.

In the Zen world I believe this is called mindfulness. Not being a zen guy I am not really sure what that means in their context but to me it mean just pay attention and be an active participant in your own life.

That is my desire- to take an active part in my own life.

The first step for me is ridding myself of the poison of negativity.

Why was Liam Neeson so busy? #6goodthings

Today’s adventures were sedate. After staying up half the night waiting on a kid to come home I have been rather lethargic today. I have had a good time of it though.

1. The Mrs spent several hours today going to every nursery in town looking for a striped tomato for her to grow. We found some and had a good time in the search.

2. Spent several hours watching cheesy movies like A Knight’s Tale, The A-Team, and Batman Begins with the family.

3. Sorry to see the radio go but had a good visit with MP today. He seems to be doing well.

4. MP gave me a tip on another job prosect.

5. I ate a tasty meal today. I like it when I don’t have to eat my own cooking.

6. Son#3 came home safe and sound.

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