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“Gather ye Rosebuds while ye May” painted by John William Waterhouse (Born 1849 – Died 1917; English artist) in 1909.


Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadow


While this painting is not one of my favourites I believe that our present culture has become so instantaneous and decadent that it can not produce high art like this. We have been programmed to seek after entertainment. Intelligent art eludes most of us.

Break the mould and expand your horizons today.

What’s for dinner?


The Well-Stocked Kitchen – Joachim Beukelaer (1566)

Not an excuse but maybe a reason

A week or two ago a friend asked me why I didn’t go to church anymore. I concocted some goofy answer that amounted to “I don’t like people.” The fact is that most churches lack a certain “organic quality.” We dress up and go to church and act as though nothing is wrong or is ever wrong and that God is blessing our lives profusely. Oftentimes, it is hard for me to put on that face and go through the ritual of a Sunday’s activities. Loving up on people in hard times, being responsive to the call of God out in the world, being a friend and a brother to someone you don’t really know, getting your hands dirty with people in trouble (even if it is yourself) that’s real and meaningful.

Before everyone jumps on me, I understand the need for the corporate church service. Sometimes, however, while church may happen on Sunday and most of the time for me it happens Monday-Saturday.

Actually this one may work better. I just one clicked it now. That’ll make sense to exactly one person.

Yet another settings check.

Settings check. Sorry about the intrusion.

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