My glorious return!!

by Jim Morgan

On 31 May 2009 I started this blog with the hopes of becoming the next big thing in religious blogging. Well, that never happened and the blog drifted away from religious themes. I changed from religious themed posts and into whatever my bizarre brain could come up with. However, I did manage to put out almost 1,500 posts in that six years and some of them were even worth reading. Something in the neighbourhood of 7000 of you gave me somewhere over 20,000 views.

For the last couple of years I have been wandering around lost in the world of social media. For whatever reason, perhaps I was simply tired, I quit blogging and began travelling the banal world of social media instead. I have no idea how many Facebook and/or Twitter accounts that I have had over the years. I would get an account, build up a pretty good following and then rage quit over some really stupid thing. Two or three weeks later I would begin the process all over again.

This blog, however, has always remained.

As I look back over six years of blogging and think about the people I have met, things written, and things learned I realize that I miss the adventure that is blogging. I have decided to focus more on this blog and less on social media from now on.

I make no promises about what I will post. My interests these days are tending towards traditional high culture and to the homesteading lifestyle but my postings could be about anything. Also, I make no promises about regularity but I will try to post a couple times a week.

Thanks to everyone who has read this over the years.