Outline for paper on cheap, self-sustainable life

by Jim Morgan

Outline for paper on cheap, self-sustainable life

After the initial cost of setting building most of these there is no out-of-pocket cost to operating these things (except the flower pot water heater thing and sending mail via the postal service) after the initial buiding and set-up of these things.

It is worthy to note that the first eight items DO NOT REQUIRE ELECTRICITY. Electricity costs money but later on I will show you how to generate electricity in cheap ways.

I. Rainwater Harvesting

Only a few places in the world don’t get any rain. Odds are that if you are reading this you do not live in one of those areas. This means that you can get the water you need from the sky if you plan how to harvesting this gift from above.

It should be noted that in some jurisdictions in the US that rainwater harvesting is actually against the law.

Need to find the formula for figuring out how much water can be harvested.

Transport- how to get water from ground to roof. roof is where water heater is. gravity feeds the sink and shower. using a bicycle to pump it? maybe a windmill?

II. Water Purification

Charcoal filters
Solar Still- can it make hootch?

III. Solar Oven

Decent sized box which will rotate to maximize solar intake and well insulated. I don’t know of anything that can not be cooked in a solar oven. I have even seen a solar oven that can supposedly hit 500 degreesF but that is a rarity.

IV. Zeer Pot refrigerator

Probably not the best solution for long-term food storage but may actually work better than I initially thought. Some videos I have watched on the zeer pot have showed temps dropping into mid-40s.

using a solar oven to cool food at night. using the sky as a heat-sink. one article that I read said that ICE can be made by using the solar oven as a refrigerator.

V. Flower-Pot Convection room heater

This one will cost a little bit of money in operating. One must buy tea lights to warm the room.

VI. Crystal Radio

Probably a stupid idea but I am fascinated by it.

VII. Solar water heater

VIII. Solar Dehydrator

One way to preserve food. Fairly cheap. Something about making jerky this way, don’t remember double check

IX. Solar Furnace

Really not sure about this. The days that get cold around here also lack sunlight but I mention it because it is electricity/gas free