by Jim Morgan

No progress made today on The Manhut as my day was consumed in work. Maybe I can get more done tomorrow.

Had thoughts about writing an essay like the first chapter of #Walden describing what we are doing and why. I am not an environmentalist by any stretch of the imagination nor am I one of these doomsday prepper-types. I am just a guy wanting to suck the marrow from life without a bunch of crap cluttering up my world. We are also not purely "off-the-grid." I won’t be hunting and foraging for food and while I refuse to live online anymore the internet is essential to how I will generate money in the future.

I want to pare down life to the point where I can live off of what I can make as a writer and I want to live life freely and quit being just a cog in the money machine.

Yeah, I thought a lot today about that essay but doubt that I can compete with Thoreau.