by Jim Morgan

We went out to El Ranchito Del (name withheld) . This is the 10 acre spread in Martin County of a friend of mine. He has a well dug and electricity on the place. He has a travel trailer out there to live in.

He hardly ever goes out there so The Mrs and I had a brainfart about leasing the place from him to raise chickens, cantaloupes, and watermelons.

The place doesn’t have a lot of raw material to work with. It has enough to build a small chicken coop and a decent rain catchment on said coop but not much else.

While we have yet to make a firm decision on doing this we are leaning towards the idea that this may be too much work on a place that we don’t really want to live. Our goal is leaving the state or at the very least living in the green part of the state.

We may be wasting time on this idea.

Work on The Manhut has slowed. The heat hasn’t been too bad but the humidity has been murder. That combined with the fact that I am at hard decision time on the stuff that remains has slowed the work considerably.

Pictures of El Ranchito soon.