by Jim Morgan

I live in an area that averages 300+ days of sunshine a year so ways of harvesting the Sun’s power has intrigued me for a long time.

Years ago we lived in a house that had a problem with the natural gas pipes and we were poor and barely eating at the time so we had no money to fix it. We went for a while warming up water on the stove so we could take a warm bath. One day, after noticing that we had a couple of 5 gallon water jugs,  I had a brain fart and painted these jugs black, filled them with water, and stuck them out in the sun all day. When I got home from worked I took a bath in decently warm water.

We have on an occasion or two have used the Sun to cook meals. I am not talking about just warming up a hot dog.  I am talking about cooking a mess of pinto beans, some rice, and some cornbread, all by solar heat.

People around here act like this stuff doesn’t work or will somehow cook your food improperly and that no one but zoned out hippies or illegal immigrants are the only ones who would cook or warm water this way.

Now I admit that my brain is tweaking a little on how to transition from small experiments like these into a lifestyle but I know it will work.

#off-the-grid #diy