by Jim Morgan

I have to quit clearing out The Manhut for the day. I am hot, dirty, and tired. We did get rid of a bunch of old electronics and peripherals. I still have to sort through most of the books and get the ones that I will keep into one bookshelf. The others will be given to people who have expressed an interest in them and yes I will mail @Charles Roth MPC ‘s to him.

The idea of doing most of our living in The Manhut after Sunday may be a bit unreasonable. It could still happen but my faith in my own strength is beginning to weaken a little. We are not hoarders in the "omg we are on TV" sense but we do have the ephemera of 25 years together crammed into the hut. So it is taking a little while to pare things down.

The mind has been plotting while the work has been going on about things that need to be done to make The Manhut more habitable. As soon as we quit using it as a storeroom we will get started on those things.

First on the list is a air conditioner. I have a couple of plans for a home brewed swamp cooler and I will tweak them to suit our specific situation.