by Jim Morgan

Millie is a pre-code movie starring Helen Twelvetrees. It is the story of a woman unlucky in love. She marries a man and has a daughter and then her husband cheats on her. After she gets a divorce she has many suitors and eventually gives her heart to one. He cheats on her, and then she falls into a ‘life of dissipation’ and eventually murders a former suitor of hers who is now after her daughter.

I really want to like this movie. It is a great story and has been a staple of TV murder shows for years but at one hour and 25 minutes this movie is about 15 minutes too long. This movie was made only about 1 1/2 year after the introduction of sound to film so it has a few scenes with corny dialogue delivered in a hamhanded manner. Too many scenes like this in fact. To add to the misery of this film way too much of it is in soft-focus which means one has to work to watch this film.

The .ogv file I downloaded from is in fair shape. A couple of scenes are way to dark and a huge chunk of the film is cloudy. I’ll attribute this to the degradation of the original film.

All in all I give the film 2.5/5 stars and the .ogv file a 3/5.