Mystery Sea Raider

by Jim Morgan

The lovely Carole Landis stars in the 1940 public domain movie Mystery Sea Raider which was directed by Edward Dymytryck. Ok, I admit it, I downloaded this movie because of Carole Landis in it but it turns out that this is a fun adventure movie. The plot centers around a ship that is hijacked by German spies and is used as a sea raider in the early days of World War 2. Henry Wilcoxon does a great job as Captain Jimmy Madden and Onslow Stevens is the slimy German who steals his ship.

This movie was fun. It is light on the corny dialogue delivered in a hamhanded fashion. The action is believable without being overdone. Even the effects are good. Ms Landis shines in this one as well. 😉 The .ogv file I downloaded from is pretty good. It does have two spots in it where if looks like the film breaks or something.

Overall I give the movie itself a solid 3.5/5 stars and the file a 4/5 stars.