Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

by Jim Morgan

#toppdflix I just finished “Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum.” LOVED IT! This movie brought back memories of my teen years when we first got cable tv and we would rush home from church on Sundays to watch Charlie Chan movies on WGN. If you have never seen a #CharlieChan movie (or book, or comic, or TV show) you are missing out. Chan is a Chinese detective who solves crimes with the kakhanded help of one of his sons. This particular movie was fun and had just the right amount of silliness and mystery to keep me very entertained. Chan and his “second son,” Jimmy, solve an intriguing locked room mystery. This movie can be downloaded from
archive[dot]org has a huge collection of Chan movies. A lot are marked CC-BY but are really #publicdomain because they were released without a proper copyright notice.