Let’s see if I can quickly sum up the 2nd Afghan War and and

by Jim Morgan

Let’s see if I can quickly sum up the 2nd Afghan War and and the Battle of Maiwand.

Basically, the war was started when the Tsar of Russia sent a delegation to the court of the Amir of Afghanistan, Sher Khan. The Amir accepted the visit from the Russians. The British, hoping to keep the Russians at bay, sent a delegation to Kabul which was rebuffed and returned to India at the Khyber pass.

The British got mad and attacked Afghanistan. A series of events happened which make this a rather confusing war. For example, the treaty ending the war was signed in the middle of the war.

Anyway, a bunch of battles were fought one of them being the Battle of Maiwand. For lack of a better way to describe it Maiwand was an artillery battle. The Afghans had better position and handed the Brits their butts on a platter. After gaining heavy losses the British fled the field of battle giving the Afghans a huge victory.

There are articles on wikipedia on these if you are interested.

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