Ok one of the key blocks of my #5p plan is in place. #ownclo

by Jim Morgan

Ok one of the key blocks of my #5p plan is in place. #owncloud is functional on an Arch server. I must admit that I feel just a touch geekier today.

The last time I had #owncloud running it was v4.0.x. The devs have made it all shiny and slick for v5.0.x. It looks pretty good from the ui point of view. Hopefully they have got the bugs worked out of ampache and I can just load my music there and be done with it. Looks like they have made a new automatic picture upload for it as well and the pictures go into their own little file. That’s a nice thing.

Time to go empty the emergency #Dropbox account and USB I have been using for a couple of weeks and get the apps for syncing the calendars and contacts working again.

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