by Jim Morgan

One of my not so secret research projects is seeking to prove a U.S. noble class similar to the caste that many European nations have. This started when I was about 12 years old when I noticed that all of the US Presidents were
related to one another by family ties. Now this noble class has nothing to do with money. Many of the families are in fact very wealthy but wealth is not a criteria for entry into the caste. It is also not a bourgeois club of
corporate executives. I believe there is more to this caste than chasing the almighty dollar.

I am not sure that the Bushes or the Kennedys qualify to be in the noble caste though I examined them several times through the past 30 plus years. I also can’t make up my mind about the Astors. Truth is that the only families I
am convinced are in the nobility are the Lees and the Randolphs of Virginia and the Adams of Massachusetts. Thanks to all the marriages and passage of time the Lees and Randolphs are related to President Zachary Taylor who in
turn was the father-in-law of Jefferson Davis. The Blair family (famous for Blair House in DC these days) married into the Lee Family. The Lees still have massive influence in US politics today. The Udalls in the American West
are related to the Lees.

The Adams family like the Lees were here at the begininng of the country. Their influence can be seen in just about everything in New England. They have been a big force in Hahvahd University and have been influential in
politics having produced a couple of Presidents and a few Senators, Congresscritters and assorted pols in other states and areas. The Adams are related to President Millard Fillmore, President William Howard Taft and President
Calvin Coolidge. Vice-President Cheney is related to the Adams. The Adams family is related to Diana, Princess of Wales and through her to future King of Canada the Duke of Cambridge.


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