Blah blah blah…

by Jim Morgan

Evening friends,

This has been a nice weekend just chilling with the family. Plenty of nothing going on and I think we all needed it. I’m not sure about everyone else but I am worn to the nub.

I’ve also contracted some dread disease. My throat is all scratchy, my head hurts, and my voice is doing funny things.

Picked up my copy of the Rough Riders by Teddy Roosevelt today and read the first couple of chapters. I forgot that I even owned it. This is from the timeframe of history that really interests me.

I have re-joined a couple of social services I thought I’d never join again. I have to admit in my high idealism I didn’t realise that I’d get to missing my friends and family. I know the services are evil blah blah blah but they have more diverse conversations and a more diverse population and they are where the vast majority of my real-life friends and family hang out.

And I can use the services from a combo of email and sms so I don’t need a bunch of fancy apps running all the time eating up the data plan.

Simple is good.

Stress-free is good too.