Let’s bugaloo until we puke #6goodthings

by Jim Morgan

A little early this evening but what can I say? It was decent day.

1. The roofer is going to get his money so he will be getting started soon.

2. The Mrs work travails might be abated next year. Looks like some things are changing.

3. played the Hair Band channel on xm radio. Took a nostalgic trip down memory lane remembering how Kevin would make mix-tapes of this music and drive around town listening to them. I bet we are responsible for the current price of gas as much as we drove around.

4. The Boss and I had a meeting about the schedule. We are in a pickle and we are not sure how to get out of it. I managed to keep up with him today and not get all freaked out. Usually meetings like this are unpleasant.

5. This was The Mrs’ last day at work. She’s on summer vacation!

6. When I got home this evening The Mrs had Star Trek: Enterprise on the TV. I wonder what she’s up to…. 🙂