Does everybody know what time it is? #6goodthings

by Jim Morgan

Today was a pretty nice day. I enjoyed myself.

1. Everybody left the shop, leaving me alone in the shop so that I could get stuff done today.

2. The Boss’ 2-day-old iPhone died. Now before you think I fell off of the positivity train I have always felt bad that I could never afford to get one. After all the trouble The Boss and his wife have had with their’s I am glad that I don’t have one.

3. The winds blew away all that choking smoke that was in Andrews yesterday. It is wild that all that smoke is from a fire in Arizona.

4. The Mrs is feeling much better today.

5. The Mrs and I went out for an early date night this week.

6. I think that I have settled my social media madness and it all works from email/sms so I have no need for apps.