#6goodthings Random Thoughts

by Jim Morgan

For several days now I have been posting six good things that happened in that day. The #6goodthings tag has elicited some positive feedback.

My reasons for posting this are mainly personal. I have a habit of becoming very anxious over even the slightest thing. When these moods strike I begin to feel the world closing in on me. This habit has taken it’s toll on me.

The TV shows and I like to watch are adventure/mystery type shows. I watch the news at night. I follow several people/organisations on social media. I have hundreds of people telling me the world sucks and is all wrong but very few who can come up with one thing that is right. The entertainment industry reinforces this by giving nothing but mayhem and destruction to watch.

Changes in my habits are taking place. The TV gets turned off a little more often now. The gloom-and-doom crowd are not followed in the social media any longer. And, most importantly, I try to focus my attention on the good stuff and not so much on the bad.

Maybe I am full of crap but I’d rather be a man of positivity than a mindless buffoon tripping from one tragedy to the next. Life really isn’t that hard to figure out. All one needs to do is take care of what needs to be taken care of when it needs to be taken care of and try to enjoy the good stuff that is all around us.

In the Zen world I believe this is called mindfulness. Not being a zen guy I am not really sure what that means in their context but to me it mean just pay attention and be an active participant in your own life.

That is my desire- to take an active part in my own life.

The first step for me is ridding myself of the poison of negativity.