Today was much better

by Jim Morgan

SO in my ongoing attempts to recalibrate my brain I have been coming up with #6goodthings that happen each and everyday to show myself that the world isn’t a big pile of negativity. Yesterday was admittedly not a good day for me and I refrained from posting anything.

Today was better though.

CURRENT READINGS: Moby DIck, Macaulay’s History of England, and Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan

1. I have been playing around with Friendica again. This is a fun and privacy aware Facebook alternative. I got it to so somethings that I was not aware that it would do. Privacy is cool.

2. This situation with Son#3 is dire but not as dire as our anxieties had us believing it was yesterday.

3. Work today was a piece of cake. We took it easy mostly.

4. Had a pretty good meal with The Mrs this evening. 

5. I kind of fell off the coffee-wagon today. I was up very late last night and I doubt I would have survived without a cup. I only had one cup! A fair step back from my usual pot everyday.

6. Today was payday and that is always a good thing.