Post from Friendica

by Jim Morgan

First attempt with sipwitch from a /home/jim/.sipwitchrc was a crash-n-burn:

root@whistlewright:/home/jim# sipw -x9 -f

sipwitch: loaded config from /etc/sipwitch.conf

sipwitch: new realm cb5d292d-9fec-4345-b5a9-89d4aa2e0916

sipwitch: media proxy configured for 38 ports

sipwitch: scanning config from /var/lib/sipwitch

sipwitch: scanning users and groups

sipwitch: adding user jim

sipwitch: startup

sipwitch: starting registry; mapping 200 entries

sipwitch: starting sip stack; 200 maps and 2 threads at priority 1

sipwitch: starting cdr thread

sipwitch: sip cannot bind interface *, port 5060
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
what(): sip cannot bind interface *, port 5060

Not sure what that means.