Yesterday’s snow

by Jim Morgan


Yesterday’s snow in #westtx

My source for this info is the local newspaper which can be found at http://mywesttexas.con and the National Weather Service which is at

Since December 1, 2012 Midland has received 19.5″ of snow. The old record was 13.9″.

January 9, 2012 is the single snowiest day in our history with 10.6″. The new #2 was 9.8″.

Our snowiest month is now 10.6″ with 1985’s 9.0″ taking second place.

We also got a record 0.69″ yesterday.

We have gotten more snow this year than many cities that set record snowfall amounts last year. So far this year we have had more snow than Chicago, Buffalo, Minneapolis and Aberdeen, SD.

Eight snowplows were brought in to clear the snow. To my knowledge West Texas has no snowplows.