Made it to work

by Jim Morgan


made it to work

The roads in the cities are a mess of ice and slicker than pigs on ice today. The main road to Andrews was really clear and I managed a safe 50 to 55mph most of the way to work.

I have been assigned a small drawing task this morning for some dentist’s office in Seminole. Evidently this person is rather picky and The Boss wants them to sign off on everything before we even start the process. The thing that I am drawing looks like some sort of computer centre. Maybe a little fancier than I would expect for a dentist’s office but whatever. West Texas is chock full of what my step-dad used to call $500 a week millionaires. I figure the whole country is full of them these days. I am not sure why anyone would want to be credited to the hilt just for showing off purposes.

I am not that smart when it comes to the ways of the world anyway. I live a very simple, quiet life. I have no money but am very well fed.

I was thinking while I drove to work today that if I lived in the town where I worked I probably wouldn’t even mess with owning a car for myself. I’d probably ride my bike. Now before you go off saying “yeah right” in mocking disdain, that is exactly what I used to do before I got married. I owned a car but rarely drove it. I hate cars and think they are the bane of our existence. Most of our physical ills can be linked to the car. We’re fat because we ride everywhere instead of riding our bikes. Our families are weake because the car allows us to travel far away from one another. The pollution the cars make causes our asthma and the funny smell that is in the air.

I need to find a “Ban the Auto” bumper sticker for my car.

Ok I really need to finish this drawing now…