In other news

by Jim Morgan


Not really too much to report on today.

Last night my stomach gave me fits keeping me up most of the night. I am feeling better today. Not ready to go run a marathon or anything like that but certainly better than any day since Thursday.

When I haven’t been tending to life today I have had my nose in The Legends and Myths of Hawai’i. This is neat stuff. These myths and legends don’t start in some romantic time in eternity past but rather in an almost tangible past of roughly 1000 years ago. It has been fascinating to read King Kalakaua’s account of the migrations of the first Hawaiians, their religion(s) and the subsequent landing of southern Polynesians from Samoa (think the Normans invading England in 1066.)

The legends so far read have the quality of being believable and the values and taboos are readily accessible. The myths from the European world are unreasonably told to me. They are almost inaccessible to me as a modern reader. But the Hawaiian myths (though loaded with Hawaiian cultural words and rites that I don’t fully comprehend) are good tales and worthy if reading and study.

In still other news, I have been thinking quite a bit on matters spiritual lately. I had decided that I would follow one preacher/pastor/leader person and only pay attention to him. I figured it would be the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is the leader of a huge Christian sect. He is educated. He is a poet. He also posts his sermons and speeches online and makes use of social media. As I studied on the current Archbishop, however, I discovered that he is a bit of a fruitcake so I am not sure I want to use him,as a spiritual guide.

The Pope might be a good choice, except I am not even close to being Roman Catholic. I may give an eye to the Archbishop of Constantinople, who is the Pope of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I have been told that Orthodoxy would be a good fit for me. We don’t have any Orthodox churches around here though for me to explore this.

I do know that any of the non-conforming and/or restorationist churches are out. I need a spiritual base which is old and not driven by the fickle winds of consumerism. Sorry, Baptists, I need something more stable and reliable than what you offer. No two Baptists agree on anything anymore. Sad thing is this is true of any of the newer denominations.

For a guy without much to report I have done quite a bit of talking tonight…