Wonderful insights from yesterday

by Jim Morgan

from http://jimmorgan.us

A couple of years ago when The Boss decided that we were going to go tech here at the shop I set everyone up a Google account. For a while I messed around with a server and a samba server in order to make life easier. This proved to be not so easy. Setting up everything was remarkably easy but explaining how to use it to The Boss and his Mrs was not at all a thrill. To help you understand, my boss went nuts when he found a web browser that was not Internet Explorer on his computer. When I explained to him that with the server set-up I could draw a plan and leave it on my computer and he could sit in his office and look at it without going through any file transfers he went apoplectic. No one should be able to get into these computers! They should be stand-alone devices! I didn’t have the heart or the guts to tell him that all the internet is just a bunch of computer talking to one another.

Anyway I setup Google accounts for everyone out here. Now I know that Google is the paradigm of evil in the modern world. Google is some sort of hybridization of the Sith Lords and the Borg. BUT Google is easy to use, there is not much fiddling to do to make it work and is reliable. (I also note with a small dose of cynicism that very few of the anti-Google preachers are really google-free.) I even setup an account for myself, trying to head-off any confusion for the boss and his wife. I played around with it just enough to learn my way around so that I could explain it to them and played with a few of the widgets and geegaws for grins and giggles and then pretty much ignored the fact that I have a google account after that.

As many of you know I have been in a “The internet is taking over my life and I want it back!” mode. It seems that everything that I do anymore has something to do with or by something online. Yesterday I simply didn’t want to mess with it. I got to work, threw the phone in the desk and went to work.

Now my business moves by text messaging and email. Saying that the phone is in the desk is one thing but spending a day off of the grid is not an event that is truly going to happen. About once an hour or so I came into my office and checked my messages and such. I had forgotten that I use the gmail account as my junk collector. Any account that required an email at sign up got the gmail address. Being a gmail sceptic I didn’t feel guilty about loading up their server with junk mail.

Now much to my surprise all the blogs I follow on wordpress showed up in that email account. As I did my routine checks of my messages I was also able to read my social media items without me having to do squat.

I like that.

I am tired of working the tech I want the tech to work for me.

So the long and the short of it is that while I have been focused on using instant messaging to do what I do online, I am now thinking that, in spite of any inherent problems that it may have, email is the option that I will explore for doing what I do. It comes to my phone. As a matter of fact, I am not sure my phone will work properly without this gmail account. Email is low-bandwidth so if Verizon decides to mess me over and take away my unlimited internet I will be ok.

And I will play around with the gadgets and geegaws on Google for a while.