by Jim Morgan

from http://jimmorgan.us Worn out today. Just plain old fashioned tired. I didn’t sleep well last night, well I slept ok, I just didn’t get a lot of it and then went to work.


I have been using my XMPP account through wordpress alot the last few days. I have been trying to figure out why. Today it dawned on me that I am tired of looking at computer talk on my microblog account. Everything I have goes through my XMPP account, even my microblog. It just dawned on me as I type this that I can just turn off the microblog feed on my regular account, but for the day I have been paying attention to the wordpress blogs that I follow through my wordpress XMPP account. I follow some wonderful blogs here on wordpress.


I may stay with this account for a few days. I have found some new blogs that have piqued my interest. I have discovered travelogues. This interest started a few months ago when I found thirdeyemom. This lady has been a ton of places and I have fallen in love with her pictures from far away place like China, Nepal and Tucson. Ok, Tucson is not too far away but her hikes there over the recent holidays have been fun to watch.


I found another travel blog the other day (and can’t find it right now to share with you) where the author described a cab driver in such detail that I see the toothless driver, smell his swarthy body and bad breath. I miss that terse compelling style of writing.


This has also translated into the books that I am currently reading. Right now I am reading A Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina by Sir Richard F Burton. I wasn’t intending to read this one so soon but I started poking around it the other day and soon found myself several chapters in and loving every word of it. I love the descriptions of Egypt and environs as well as the open, honest views of Sir Burton on the people of the area.


Oh and now a TV show on Martin Luther…