making my way slowly

by Jim Morgan


making my way slowly

I got up early this morning and left the house to go to work. It was bitter cold this morning. Clear skies and 24 degrees. As I had plenty of time to get to work I decided to drive just 60 mph instead of the 70-75 that the law allows.

Being familiar with the slow movement and somewhat a believer that we as a people are moving too fast and doing to much I am drawn to the idea of slowing down. I mentioned the other day that I want to slow down when I eat. After all, unless you are an inbred moron, eating is not a competition but an event. Anyway as I drove slowly to work today I had a couple of thoughts:

1. that driving slowly to work is only costing me a couple of minutes;

2. that couple of minutes is being made up for by the higher gas mileage; and,

3. how many times have I been passed by some young hothead in Andrews only to catch him at the stop sign in Midland?

All in all I am not sure that all this zipping around is good for anything.