yes I am around

by Jim Morgan


yes I am around

In a mad dash to get home early today from work we kind of breezed through lunch so I missed the usual time of my posting to the blog today. Hopefully, you won’t mind too terribly much.

I did manage to get my digital library moved from the phone over to the Kindle Fire. MENTAL NOTE: Sometimes reading the instructions may actually save you time. Try reading them first.

I have quite a few holes in my library.For some reason I can only find parts of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica. I am missing most of Democracy in America. Now I have the fun of finishing out the sets now.

Been real tired this week. I am blaming the holidays and too many deserts. Hopefully having a somewhat normal weekend this weekend will set me right with the world. I kind of have that pre-meltdown feeling. You know the one that you can see from a mile away but can’t
do anything about it. Nothing is really wrong but everything is wearing me out.

I heard a cool rumour at the shop today. I guess the boss is not only wanting to give us the Friday a month off paid but I guess that he is also wanting to give us a full week off paid as
well. That’ll be nice. Nine months out of the year I will be taking my days off sola mio because The Mrs has to work. This way we can take off some time together. I like together.

Christmas was all right this year. Son#1 was home for a solid week. This was the longest he
has been home in a long time. By Wednesday he was more than ready to go back home though. The Mrs and I have had to face the fact that we are boring. We eat, read, and watch movies. That is about the sum of our life when he is home. We are still not sure if we can handle him out camping or something.

He was fun this trip. He really wanted to open up the presents. I think he finally understands Christmas. He was also very talkative this trip, both by sign language and verbalising. I was prouder than a dead pig in the sunshine at that. One thing that impressed me was that his signing vocabulary is now larger than mine. (That’s not saying much but he is autistic.) One
of the funnier things he did was grab my hand and drag me over to the Christmas tree and hold out his hand for the presents and then rub his chest. A chest rub is the sign for “please.”

I guess I am tired of Christmas. The Mrs and I have decided that next year we are really
going to do it differently than we have ever done it. We will focus first on buying each other gifts and then our kids and then everyone else. We spend all of our money buying gifts for people who don’t need them and then we have nothing for each other. That sucks in my
book. She is the one I really want to buy gifts for and by the time it gets down to my turn to spend money there is none left. Next year I will buy her something nice and take care of the kids. If anything is left then we will buy for them. I have had fifty people to buy for in
the past and they seem to always come first. NO MAS! Even ifthese people are all The Mrs’ family MY WIFE COMES FRIGGIN FIRST FROM NOW ON!

I am afraid that I must insist on that.

A week ago at this time it was snowing like mad. It started last Friday afternoon
and did not stop snowing until Sunday morning. Here at the house we had about 8″ worth of it. Luckily it was all gone in a day or two. Today it was sunny and near 70 degrees. New Years Day is supposed to be near 80.

Going to admit to welching a bit on the goals today. I did loaf in front of the computer for a bit today looking at nothing important but having fun looking at it. This addiction is a
work in progress. Right now I am typing this post into an XMPP bot that will post it to the blog and I am using XMPP to text The Mrs who is driving home from Plains as I type this. As an added feature I am doing all of this from ONE program, Emacs.

Shit, I sound like a friggin’ dork. I am so sure that you care how I am writing this. Suffice it to say that not only am I using a lightweight computer I am also leaving a minimal foot print in the bandwidth as well.

Ok well she is about 1/2 hour away and tonight is date night. Guys, if you are not dating your wife then you are missing out. Do as I am about to do, get off your smelly butts, clean up and take that girl out for some fine dining. Buy her some flowers too, you oaf. Chicks dig that sort of thing. You’ll be amazed how cool your wife is when you treat her right.

G’night, y’all!