another day

by Jim Morgan


another day

So we have another day logged into the history books. I see in the news that Twitter is again under attack. No big surprise there. If you have everybody in the world using your service but a couple of lunatic who use a couple of different services then you should expect the fascists to get their knickers in a knot and try to get the info that people put on there.

Grow a clue people, if you post stuff in a public forum then guess what, the public will read it. This still gives the fascists no right to pull what they are trying to do but you’re the idiot if you’re posting your criminal activities nonlinear

Today was a pretty nice day. I am very tired. I have been about a week now with no sleep. Christmas, Son#1 being home, and worry have kept me from relaxing any. All of that is over now but here I am late at night still awake wishing I could crater into sleep

I did manage to get the microblog cleaned out of people who have chosen not to follow me back and all those annoying groups where everyone just repeats whet everyone else is saying. Hopefully, I will be able to adjust to a quieter timeline and focus more on the making friends goal for the next year.

I have a few more things to work on before I will be ready for next year. I need to clean out my space on the server. I’ve decided to make it have what I need rather than trying to figure out what people may want to see there. The Scriptorium will be the books, music, movies etc that *I* want. This may sound selfish but I know that I do not have a huge follower base and I am not looking for one. I just need a place to store the public domain artifacts that I find and want to keep.

I need to work on my abstract for the mesh network that I am working on with another local ham. With routers and cellphones we can create an entire communications grid, simply, quickly and, most importantly, cheaply.