more musing

by Jim Morgan


So I have alluded to some grand plan today. It is truly nothing remarkable or noteworthy. I want to spend next year doing some reading, writing and developing some friendships. I am tired of wasting away my evenings surfing the web looking at crap that a few minutes before I had never heard of and in a few minutes will have forgotten completely about.

To help me in my quest my main tool for perusing the internet will be my IM client NOT a web browser or some app on the phone. The pecking order of computer internet apps will be IM client, email, sms, then web browser. I am working on ways to do sms via IM already and I believe that email is *possible* via IM. This post is being made on an IM client and will be posted from it as well. Heck, I even get rss feeds via IM. My phone has been stripped of most non-stock items and my shiny new Kindle will be used mostly for reading, though I did add an IM client on it. In a word if something online doesn’t come to IM then I will not be interested.

I am not doing this to be nerdy or geeky. Largely I am doing it because I spend way too much time online and the limits will remind me that I am wasting time.

Not only is using IM to do stuff online fun but it also allows me to stay in touch with some of my friends and help me to develope those friendships more. Friendships, reading and writing are the big goals next year. Many of my friends are already using IM services where I can get in touch with them. I plan on talking to them more. I have some really neat people on my list.

The writing is largely personal stuff. I wonder if somehow I could be a modern day Samuel Pepys or something. Odd thing is that I don’t find my life all that interesting but I have to think that Mr Pepys felt the same way yet bajillions of people have read his diaries for 300+years now. I am sure my writings will be little more than rambling bits of prose like this. I have a short attention span and if anything takes more than five minutes I lose interest. Anyway, I do have a couple of big writing project that I want to pursue next year. I have to keep those close to the vest for now. Sorry…

So for the time being I will exercise my writing muscles a bit before I undertake the lifestyle change. I have a few more days to get the brain used to writing in English again.