Quote from #Defoe ##tourthrugb on Dr Rowland Taylor

by Jim Morgan

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From Ipswich I took a turn into the country to Hadley principally to satisfy my curiosity, and see the place where that famous martyr, and pattern of religious zeal in Queen Mary’s time, Dr Rowland Taylor, was put to death; the inhabitants, who have wonderful veneration for his memory, show the very place where the stake which he was bound to, was set up, and they have put a stone upon it, which no body will remove, but it is a more lasting monument to him that he lives in the hearts of the people. I say more lasting than a tomb of marble would be, for the memory of that good man will certainly never be out of the poor people’s minds, as long as the island shall retain the Protestant religion among them; how long that may be, as things are going, and if the detestable conspiracy of the Papists now on foot should succeed, I will not pretend to say.