by Jim Morgan

I still have a google account. I know, I am plum total evil. You need a google account to be able to be able to access the Android market. I do find acceptable warez on the market and would like to keep it. I also have figured out how to get free and unlimited phone calls by using some tricks with google voice. If I was a regular gtalk user I could send and receive text messages to and from regular phones using nothing but xmpp on my end.

We all know google is evil. They are privacy pirates. They steal your info. They tell you how you are going to operate. I have tried and deleted Google Books a few times on the Android. I deleted it because it has syncing issues. It would try to sync and would never turn off. The result was that my phone’s battery would be dead in an hour or less. Recently my phone updated- automatically. Google Books is included in the new update and I cannot figure out how to get it off of there. I don’t want it and I will not use it but there it is. Hopefully it won’t foul up my business too much.

I signed into my gmail account today to clean out some junk and see what is lurking in here. Gmail is nothing but a spam catcher for me. Before it would sign me in it asked me for my phone number. I, naturally, clicked the skip button but the way all the warnings were stated on the page made me wonder if at some point in the dystopian future if I will be *required* to give them my phone number before I can access the few services that I actually use on google.